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John Humble, Prices and 10 year-old Photos

Via the excellent photoblog American Suburb X I came across the photos of John Humble, an LA-based photographer who has been capturing the banal side of the city for several decades. The Jan Kesner Gallery has an excellent overview of his images which is actually much better than the photographer's own website. Humble was the subject of an exhibition at the Getty last year and a book.

I'm posting the photo above because I like how prices on signs serve to anchor a photograph in a particular time and economic climate. In movies when they show gas stations I'm always looking at the price to try to figure out when it was filmed. This photo is from 1997. I think there's something odd about pictures that are a decade old. They sit in this uncanny valley where they seem almost contemporary, but not quite. They're not yet old enough to evoke any sort of nostalgia, which seems to kick in around the 20 year mark.

Speaking of things roughly 10 years old, I can't write a blog post about the late 1990s without linking to the Back Street Boys incomparable I Want it That Way, unfortunately not available for embedding. Still, click thru for 4 minutes of pure pop pleasure.

Slanted Lisbon

I found this image randomly surfing photoblogs. It's from Rafa Fotografia. I really like the angled perspective, the straight lines of the windows in the funicular and all the gritty detail like the little stones on the sidwalk and the graffiti on the wall.

Nine women can't have a baby in one month

project management lingo. reading the list gives me nostalgic shivers.

SFO to GRU for $850

Some years ago I set up a fare tracker alert for flights between San Francisco and Sao Paulo. I put in the absurdly low fare of $850 and I never got any bites... until today.

Avoiding Foreign Currency Charges at ATMs

If you are American and travel abroad a lot I recommend First Republic Bank's ATM Rebate checking account. They don't charge any foreign ATM withdrawl fees or foreign currency conversion fees. Chase, BofA, Wells Fargo and the like all charge up to 3% outside the US which is outrageous.

2001 Crisis on YouTube

Leftist filmaker and politician Pino Solana's documentary about Argentina's 2001 economic crisis, "Memoria de un Saqueo" is on Youtube, split up into 12 parts. Here's the first one.


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