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Time to buy that investment property in Merced

In August almost half of all the home sales in California were foreclosures. This is astounding. Still, this can be thought of as good news because it means the market is clearing and bottom, potentially has been reached.

Rail in Honolulu

A proposed rail line in Honolulu is the big issue of the current election. I like the idea of mass transit in paradise.

Metaphor Watch

The U.S. financial system resembles a patient in intensive care. The body is trying to fight off a disease that is spreading, and as it does so, the body convulses, settles for a time and then convulses again. The illness seems to be overwhelming the self-healing tendencies of markets. The doctors in charge are resorting to ever-more invasive treatment, and are now experimenting with remedies that have never before been applied

From today's Wall Street Journal

Avedon & Kinski

When I saw the big Richard Avedon exhibition a few years ago at the Met this famous poster of fashion model Natassja Kinski was curious absent. Here's a clip from a Bio documentary about Avedon where he talks about the photo shoot with Kinski:

The poster sold two million copies! Avedon seems quiet excited about the shoot and the results produced. Art? Who cares!

Richard Avedon at Work

I'm fascinated by pictures of photographers at work. From The Year in Pictures, probably the most thoughtful photography blog on the planet.

Robert Plant in a Speedo

Damn I wish I coulda lived in LA in the 70s

From Brad Elterman's awesome sight of LA pics.


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